Selfrent is the fintech that offers innovative Open Finance services in the Renting industry, integrating ecommerce and payment plug-in solutions.

Want to offer rental services but don't have an ecommerce?

Discover Rentportal Self Service

Want to offer rental services and already have an ecommerce?

Discover Rentplugin API

Tailor-made solution to grow your business with renting!

Whatever your role in the business process of a potentially rentable asset, with Selfrent services you can seize new opportunities and create more value.

Manufacturers and retailers of rentable assets

Would you like to offer operational rental to your customers but you do not have and do not want to create your own website or ecommerce?

Discover Rentportal Self Service

Do you already sell your products online, but could you gain more market by offering operational rentals as well?

Discover Rentplugin API

Agents, professional bodies, trade associations

Do you want to distinguish yourself by offering your customers or associates a platform for self-service rental of products of their interest?

Discover Rentportal Self Service

Would you like to offer your associates and customers agreements and discounts on categories of assets that interest them?

Discover Rentplugin API

Renting companies

Are you looking for a turnkey solution to be present on the digital channel as well? Don't want to miss out on the digital-oriented recurring rental customer base?

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For those who do not have an ecommerce yet

Rentportal Self Service offers your B2B customers an ecommerce-like self-service experience and relieves your company of the burden of managing requests and operational rental subscription.

Discover Rentportal Self Service

RentPortal Reseller allows your company to manage Operational Rental practices on behalf of B2B customers in a 100% digital way.

Discover Rentportal Reseller

For those who are already present online

Rentplugin API gives you the possibility of adding operational leasing to the 'payment' modes of your e-commerce site.

Discover Rentplugin API

Rentplugin Magento Extension gives you the option of adding operational leasing to your Magento Store payment methods (version 2.4.6).

Discover Rentplugin Magento Extension

Selfrent is the fintech of renting

Our mission is to transform Renting into a payment solution easy to implement, wherever the transaction concerns a product or a service that can be used according to the "pay-per-use" paradigm.

This goal has required the creation of a specific technical platform, which can be integrated through standard protocols with any sales process generated by websites and ecommerce.

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