Integration requirements

To integrate the Rentplugin payment system into your site, it is necessary as a prerequisite that difrently integrates your product catalog.

In order to allow the integration you must have:

  • the URL address where you can download your catalog (required)
  • the URL where you can download the technical specifications file
  • your logo
  • the email address for communications relating to new orders (required)

Here are the details of the two files required for the catalog and for the technical specifications:

Technical specifications of products

The products in the catalog can be detailed with the corresponding technical specifications. The CSV file, containing such details, has the following structure (with fields separated by commas):

Field nameContent
SKUYour product code
GroupThe name of the technical specification group. (E.g. Battery)
NameThe name of the technical specification. (E.g. Duration)
ValueThe value of the technical specification. (E.g. 4 hours)
CategoryRelative difrently category
PriceThe decimal separator is the .
BrandEnter the brand of the product
Model (MPN)(optional)
ImageURL of the product image (optional)
QuantityQuantity in stock

Below is an example of the final output:

SKU,Group,Name,ValueABC123,Battery,Duration,"4 hour"ABC123,Battery,Capacity,"100 Wh"

Mapping of product categories

For a correct functioning of the Rentplugin service it is necessary to know the product category of each rentable asset. In this regard, the mapping of categories is done through a specific classification, which must be followed during the production of the product catalog to be integrated.

Rentplugin Integration

Once satisfied the necessary prerequisites for the functioning of the Rentplugin service, the latter can be operatively used through POST calls to the Difrently site, following a predefined standard structure.

This is an example of application of the service Rentplugin Checkout for a cart containing two products:

 <form method="post" action="/noleggia/cart">

          <input type="hidden" name="sku[0]" value="TDA-5502960">

          <input type="hidden" name="quantity[0]" value="1">


          <input type="hidden" name="sku[1]" value="TDA-5508093">

          <input type="hidden" name="quantity[1]" value="1">


          <input type="submit">