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Whatever your role in the business process of a potentially rentable asset, with Selfrent services you can seize new opportunities and create more value.


For those who do not have an ecommerce yet

Selfrent allows, even for operators not equipped with digital sales systems, to propose the rental service of products through the platform called difrently.

The platform is managed in full outsourcing and natively integrates the "shopping cart" user experience with the operational rental service.

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For those who are already present online

In the presence of commercial flows conveyed digitally, through websites or e-commerce, Selfrent's services take the form of standardized plugins.

Rentplugin allows you to finalize the transaction, transforming it into a seamless renting operation.

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Rental and operating lease companies

Are you looking for a turnkey solution to be present on the digital channel as well? Don't want to miss out on the recurring rental-oriented digital customer base?

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