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How does it work?

difrently allows you to offer your customers rental services by integrating it with your sales platform in the following ways:

Your self-service rental products in a ready to go platform!

difrently_white label
difrently_white label_icona

white label

An entire self-service renting platform fully functional with your products and your brand.

Designed for:

  • manufacturers and retailers of assets.
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for agreements

Grant your associates or customers discounts and agreements on rentable assets of their interest.

Designed for:

  • Agents/brokers
  • professional registers
  • trade associations
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difrently_for agreements

Your section of rentable products on difrently

The direct link to your product



Create links to products for your members or customers.

Designed for:

  • manufacturers and retailers of assets
  • brokers
  • professional registers
  • trade associations
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Rent with Selfrent:

a growth driver for your business and that of your customers!

The advantages of rental for you

More market

Approach and win new high-potential customers.

More service

Differentiate yourself by offering more service to your existing customers.

More Technology

Get the benefits of uncomplicated full outsourcing rental technology!

The benefits of rental for your customers

Financial sustainability

Dilute the investment in a small fee, deciding the duration of the contract. In addition, the rental fees are fully deductible.

Efficiency and competitiveness

They immediately have the tools to grow, without presenting income documentation.

Autonomy and security

They make the rental request online in self-service mode and all assets are insured!

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Some examples of capital goods that can be rented

IT Technologies

  • hardware
  • software
  • computers
  • copiers
  • smartphones

Office furniture

  • Complete furniture
  • LED lighting system
  • security systems
  • curtains
  • gazebo


  • Diagnostic instruments
  • machinery for medical studies
  • equipment for pharmacies
  • instruments for therapies
  • equipment for laboratories


  • Complete kitchens
  • coffee machines
  • ovens
  • refrigerators
  • showcases


  • Forklifts
  • machinery for industry
  • machinery for workshops
  • Working centers
  • shelving


  • Satellite navigation systems
  • vending machines
  • drones
  • e-bike
  • machinery for beauty centers

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