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Add operational leasing to your ecommerce payment methods

RentPlugin API

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How does it work?

If you sell capital goods and services to B2B customers through an e-commerce website, you can increase your customer base and loyalty by adding Operating Rental as one of the payment methods.

Add operational leasing to your ecommerce payment methods

With Selfrent's RentPlugin API service, you have all the features you need without changing your current e-commerce platform, and you're immediately ready to offer your products for a small monthly fee!

With RentPlugin API, the Operational Rental User Experience becomes as easy as paying with a credit card! Rentplugin API gives you the ability to add operational rental to your "payment" methods by integrating the following functionality to your e-commerce site:

  • Calculate rental fees for each product in your e-commerce site
  • Calculation of fees on a cart of products
  • Submit the rental request
  • Checking the status of the rental request
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Your products become rentable in one click!

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Rental service: the growth driver for your business!

Sell with more margin, encourage periodic renewal, retain your customers: apply for your Rentportal!

The advantages of rental for you

More market

Approach and win new high-potential customers.

More service

Differentiate yourself by offering more service to your existing customers.

More Technology

Get the benefits of uncomplicated full outsourcing rental technology!

The benefits of rental for your customers

Financial sustainability

Dilute the investment in a small fee, deciding the duration of the contract. In addition, the rental fees are fully deductible.

Efficiency and competitiveness

They immediately have the tools to grow, without presenting income documentation.

Autonomy and security

They make the rental request online in self-service mode and all assets are insured!

I want to know all the benefits for me and my clients.

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Everything on the best terms

Best terms on the market for your customers, speed of settlement for your business

No application fees

No fees for payment receipt

Does not require income documentation from customers

All Risk coverage on rented assets

Shipping and collection costs included

Provides an affordable fee to extend the rental at the end of the contract

What can I offer for rent?

IT Technologies

IT Technologies

Office furniture

Office furniture









Who are we?


Selfrent is the fintech of renting

Selfrent is a Fintech that offers innovative digital Open Finance services in Renting (rental or operating lease), integrating e-commerce and payment plug-in solutions.

Our mission is to transform Renting into an easy-to-activate payment solution wherever an accessory asset or service is usable under the pay-per-use paradigm.


Grenke the European leader in operational rental

Founded in Baden Baden - Germany - in 1978, it is now Europe's leading provider of financial services for small and medium-sized enterprises through a diversification approach focused on customer needs (Leasing, Banking and Factoring). Widespread presence and customer proximity have always been the key factors of Grenke's founding brand values.

How much does it cost me?

Join the B2B commerce revolution now! Rentplugin has no fixed cost if your volumes are above the minimum revenue threshold. Contact us today to define your plan for success with operational leasing.

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